Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Just One More Thing..

   In 1994,on a ranch in Janesville,a single pure white buffalo calf was born.
         They named Miracle.

   The Prophecy had begun.

Monday, 23 November 2015

White Light Buffalo

Within the vision of White..she stood before them,
A vision of the deepest and purest beauty neither had seen before.
  One brave looked upon her within his eyes with wonder and awe,"she must be a sacred one,a messenger from the Great Spirit, the other looked upon her with lust within his.
She beckened to the Brave with the lustfull eyes,he moved smugly towards her..he reached her..
a great billiowing of dust blew up and enveloped around them both.
When the dust settled after only moments,left lying at her feet was only the bow and quivering arrows of the Brave that stood before her.
In a voice of the softest whipser,she spoke to the Brave left..".that should a man look at a woman and see only her external beauty,he would never know her inner spirit,her divine self,for his eyes are blind and dazed with lust,but should he look at her and see a woman of beauty,that prompts him to wonder in awe at her,this man would be promised such extradinary pleasures that include and extend beyond the physical.  By living his life by taking and never giving he had forgotten not only the Great Spirit by also his own".
            Who is she? you ask...
                     White Buffalo Calf Woman.
      The Mother of the Old Ones
                    The Teacher of Truth and Wisdom and the beautiful Legend of the Oglala Nation.
Why am i telling you a little of her legend? Because the Sacred White Ones are being born,and more will be,not those of human descent but those within the animal kingdom.
        Go on..search engine..read more of White Buffalo Calf Woman's words of great wisdom and truth
    for she is returning..How do I know this? I just do.
White Sacred One paw upon paw,foot upon foot.
        Let the Scared White prayers of the Buffalo begin.

Oh..where have I been? Trying to round up the troops,but some seem to still be missing..
Seriously? Do some of you still need to be Lazer Eyeballed?
  Till next blog..
Love LJ                           

Friday, 20 November 2015

Eyeballing Matilda Says..

  Still dare not to believe? Do you?
Right.. Time to send in the troops..
Let LaserEyeBall begin!
     "Settle Matilda"..
Ok.. LaserEyeBall shall I just say..is similar to PaintBall but with spirit laser eyes directed at you not a paint gun!
  Oh no.. The troops have all just arrived,four-legged and winged! 
  Sorry every one.. Your about to be lasered..
What,you say..you don't want to be lasered?
Then I dare you just to believe,others do so why not you?
                                             Believe,it might just be worth it.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Heaven Sent.

   She smiled.
She sensed and knew it was going to be a special day for someone.
She was here she could sense her waiting patiently in spirit..
She asked which one? She whispered This One!..She lent over and picked the single flower smiling as she did so.
She walked up to the young girl and smiling said.. "This is for you.. It is from your GrandMother and she gives it to you with all her love and she is saying I am here with your dog.
The young one knew and smiled. Why?
She got her dog after her Grandmother passed away and the flower? The same as her Grandmothers in her garden.

 She asked..My husband had a pet-name for me what was it?
She sat there silently..she asked..he gave no answer..she asked again..silence..no answer.
I'm so sorry she said..I have asked but your husband remains silent.i can not give you the name.
She smiled and knew..It was her husband..why? Because the pet-name was for their ears and their ears alone..he would not have told her.

Out,relaxing a glass in hand..she looked at me with a longing and question in her eyes..she knew a little of me..she just wanted to know..She spoke...I answered.."you smell her every morning and she is here".. I moved to her and wrapped my arms around her  her Grandmother with me full of love and in that moment she knew..with tears in her eyes,she just knew it is real..Why?
Because no one else but another knew she sprayed her Grandmothers perfume every morning remembering.
Just like this..anywhere..anytime..any place it just happens. A loved one steps in and sometimes it is just one simple thing I say.. and they know they are always there.
   It's as simple as this..A connection between two worlds bringing joy to the hearts of loved ones.
Just call me..Ok! family member here! Time for Miss Medium Love Messenger to deliver! (Almost sounds like a super hero name!) Hang on! just call me SuperSpiritGirl!
Maybe there is becoming a greater need for this precious gift I have more than ever at the moment..For two worlds that come together and bring great peace,joy,love and healing..or is it just one world United.
Reveal who was eyeballing? Why.. Matilda of course! 
At you.
Why?  Stay tuned.
Love LJ

Friday, 6 November 2015

Truth or Dare?

I dare you to believe without seeing the truth within my words.....
      And the Truth? They are my words within my truth.

Monday, 26 October 2015

It's Not Easy..you know.

Writing words within this blog...I can almost hear some saying..Ok..Crazy Lady!
No..not crazy..just have amazing knowledge of world's  unseen and a beautiful gift I love sharing.
When I started this blog it wasn't about being recognised or being successful or dare I say it..on the Ellen Degrenes Show! it's about me wanting to share with those that have a desire and yearning to learn more...It is real..my spirit animals..my angels as I see them..ArchAngel  Michael..Native American looking with flowing black hair,bow and arrow with wings attached. ArchAngel Raphael..red hair and an almost Irish sense of humour and the greatest healer I know..Gateways I sense and see and more.
What I believe in and have silent faith with has brought me through so many moments of adversity that I can't count them..nor want to.. some say the universe doesn't throw any thing to us that they don't believe we can't handle.. If that is the case then I have been through every storm,hurricane,tornado they hailed me with and have learnt not to say to them Bring It On! because believe me they did! And I more than survived I'm still standing stronger and taller than ever.

If you met me..you would know..you would sense and see within the truth that I speak for I would show you as I have shown others that there really is more to life than just us.
  Life is almost like a Toy Shop..you never know which  adventure you are going to get next..
Which adventure will you have next? It may just be LJs Spiritual Way!
  So I will keep on Blog-plodding along.. telling of what I know and maybe when feet start vibrating,Ravens appear in eyes and GOLDIE eyeballs through a page some may say...
    Ok! Maybe she's not so crazy after all.
Ok..Time to go..Eyeballing happening again!
Who's arrived you ask? Will reveal in the next blog.
     Stay safe 
Love Lj

(This a photo of a drawing by someone I met years ago who knew nothing of my gift and how he saw me..He saw..he knew without knowing..He believed.)


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Blood Lions

For the bone of a lion....
They choose,they hunt,they slaughter for the thrill of a bone.
    Canned hunts it's called..

I just say this .. If we replaced the lions with their children,families and loved ones would they still slaughter for the price of a bone? I Wonder.
Maybe it's time we hunted the hunter's through the power of the written or spoken word..before there is the loss of a Blood  line for the price of a Blood Bone.
 When you believe your voice is strong enough it will be.

     ENOUGH! I Say.
This spiritual lioness is now on the prowl.


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Through the Eye of Goldie.

        She is my eyes as i am hers.
I guard her within them allowing her to see and understand what is appropriate for her to know as we tread lightly paw upon paw throu the Forrest of confusion.
   She is I when needing to seek the truth.
I show her the way.
She is strong,sure and careful with me walking by her side as my spirit of cunningness guides her  to the light of knowledge within the truth .
   She is vibrant,she is powerful as she follows the beat of the drums through to the pathway of Truth with the tigress spirit of me within.
   She knows the way... She hears my message.. Within the eye of the tiger the truth of the matter will be known.
   I am her as she is I. Tigress upon tigress walking silently together as one.
We may all be gone soon ... Once again because of the brutality of mankind for the killing of pleasure for our body parts for the pleasure of yours and a rug upon your floor.
It is senseless to us as it is the killing of our other brothers and sisters....So ask you this...
What would happen when we are all gone?
A great silence would fall upon the lands of the wild and tears from the heart of Mother Nature would fall silently upon them with great saddness at the finally loss of her children all through pure ignorance,greed and heartless brutality of some within mankind.
Do you want the silence to so be? I believe not.
A story for you.. Russia, time ago...20 of us hunted by the hunter,20 of us killed...20 of the hunters hunted by us, 20 hunters killed.   
I believe you call this An Eye for An Eye and A Tooth For a Tooth. This may be so.
So next time you visit a zoo or a page within a book..seek for me..look me within the eye and ask..
    "Will you bless me with the eye of the Tiger?" I may just answer..."You already Are".


      As I Already Am
               Love LJ 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My World? Just because..

I was born to walk in this way.
To connect, to feel, to sense, to understand, to know,see and hear within the heart of another world.
Or is it another world? Or a world that truely is.
 Has it not been around for centuries and civilisations of long ago?
The Olmec's,Mayan,Inca's and Aztec all believed in the powers of the unseen with a enduring belief within it.
Sky god.. Totem The Jaguar. Shamans..spirit warriors with the ability to converse with spirit world enhanced by their spirit helpers,and Animal spirit totems especially that of the Jaguar.Magic.Supernatual Begins all of which is believed in within this nature spirit meduim of today.Me.
They were also known as the People of the Jaguar.
        'Sacred Jaguar teach me...
     To wear my power lightly,
To walk with impeccability,
  To approach life with compassion,
 And to live up to the integrity of my human potential.
                            The Medicine Message of The Jaguar Totem.

So as you may see maybe my world isn't so new after all..that what i believe in has been around for centuries and civilisations of long ago, maybe just all the knowing of this was lost through the society history of time..and forgotten..Till the Gate Ways opened.

As you ask.. but did they not do human  sacrifice? If this was so..It was through the degenerated distortion of the true teachings of The Jaguar that the priests foolishly began human sacrifice to try to reclaim the golden days of an empire that was once a Golden era of great spiritual understanding but was lost through their [the priests]own foolishness and missuse of the authentic power of The Jaguar all in the name of greed.

So i ask you this...is human sacrifice still not taking place in the world today through the same distortion of beliefs through the degeneration of others?
It may be so.

So if you feel your feet start to vibrate and you slowly drop to the ground and sense a Gateway opening..Dont be afraid to open..it may just be an ancestor of long ago of an Golden era calling to you saying 'The Jaguar is here..let the rebirth of an era begin.It is time.
I did..without fear and a new era began with the Jaguar walking beside me.
Will you walk with the Jaguar?  I believe some of you may just do that. Don't You?

GOLDIE! Settle...Who's Goldie?..she is as i have mentioned before,my beautiful spiritual tigress that protects my female side and walks beside me guarding me  when needed..she is wanting to speak with you from within the eye of her..so..
Sorry everyone..i will need to continue what Goldie has to say in the next blog..Blackie,Matida and Midnight have all just shown up and we all know what is about to happen don't we?!
Seriously..how do i cope with these guys?..By loving every spiritual ounce of them!
Gotta Go.
Will return soon.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Tonight..May i ask something of You?

If you can, take a moment to listen to the song 'We Are The World.'.not just with your ears but with your heart and soul..
Children of innocence..thats who they are..they do not know of or understand the brutality of certain mankind nor the wars of divided countries through the greed of power or difference of religion,nor the understanding of  poverty..They are children born of innocence.
I do not have the resoures to feed these children of poverty,i do not have the combat skills to fight these countries for the freedom of these children nor the land to offer them the right to be free with their innocence..but i do have a voice.
As i know you do.  
So tonight..if you may let your voice ring loud with the song...remember. for are we all not the world? One World.
I was a child of innocence once..weren't you?
You may ask... why i may be posting this?
Because of an image of a three-year old boy,lifeless within the arms of another..
A child of innocence. 

Just wanting to be innocence.


Sunday, 30 August 2015

I Understand....

I Understand...
I see your confusion,your fear,your doubt within as you sense a shift into the unknown within your 
I am here to guide and show you that through the void of this darkness and unknown there is Magic.
I ask that you trust me without fear.
Who am I? You ask.
Why ,I am the Spirit Medicine totem of the Raven.
I am Magic...Come fly with me.
The Raven is a powerful medicine totem when he enters your life...I know for i have flown with him without fear,without questioning when i needed  him through the void of an unknown i was sensing,knowing that the power of his magic would guide me and through the unknown at work something special would be taking place.
Who needs fear when you have the Spirit Medicine of the Majestic Raven flying with you..
I have learnt i dont, for there is no need to fear what we may not know only to embrace it,for that something special that is taking place may just be you.
Hang On.. you are saying..isn"t the Raven's colour black ,that of should i dare say it ,evil?
 Take a closer look...it is not just black, it is of a shimmery blue/black that shines in the sun and glistens in the light of the night. 
Black to me is not the colour of evil, it is the colour of the answers to the unknown we seek,a connection within the soul to Great Ancestor's of long ago and to the Great Mysteries we yet may not know of.
I have seen the Raven within the eye of others i have met and i smile within knowing that within that 
person Magic is about to begin.
Have you looked in the mirror lately?
Maybe next time you do.. within your eyes the Raven may just be looking at you saying..'Are you ready? Do not be afraid..Come fly with me.
I think you might just see him....
Dont You?
OK...Seriously!  Now i have Blackie [I know..Very original name isn't it for my Raven! By the way he chose the name not me..]Matilda
 and Midnight all eye-balling each other.
Seriously you three ...Stop It.
OK..got to go..now the three of them are all eye-balling me.
Would i want my life any other way? Definitely Not!
Why? Just because..
"Fear Not..For I am Magic.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


With The Eye Of This Elephant There Is A Story to Be Told....

'I saw them,  they killed my mother..
I am just a baby...
     I needed her, loved her, depended on her.

You did not see it.
They took no mercy in butching her for her tusks..
Was the value of her tusks worth more than the value of her life?
               I Guess So.
I miss her......
     Would you not miss your mother too if they butchered her for the value of her finger nails rather
 than her life...

I will not forget her.....How can I not...for you see an elephant never forgets no matter how little they
     Can you forget?
          I Thought so.....
That is why i am without a mother..just because they wanted a carving.
As you can see all of Mother Natures Creatures has a story to be told..
Heart wrenching isn't it...to know that what some of us are so readily wanting to destroy for the price of a carving..has a heart,has a soul and most of all the right to live.Just as we all do.
If Mother Nature had a voice right now.. she would be saying...in her slightly Southern Belle Accent..
"Universally Me..When are these folks gonna realize that these are my Goddess given creations born upon this earth just as they were..to live,be free and wild at heart. Looks like i'm gonna have to find myself some Wild Life Warriors or Goddess to protect them. Lorde Me..when will these folks learn.

Hey Mother Nature..Here I Am! Yours Truely..Miss Lara Croft Wild Life Warrior Goddess Defender of those that have no voice but through their eyes i will speak for them. [That was a bit of a mouth full but worth it!]
Ok..we all know i'm not exactly Lara Croft..Hello! But if through the power of my words with what i wrote within the eye of this photo..can touch within you,your own Lara Croft,G.I.Joe, or even "hell,i will not let this happen to no baby elephant again,no sir reee' voice...then i will love you for it as i am sure 
Mother Nature will too..and i just heard her say 'Love me as I love ye all."
Ok.. Settle Madilta! ...She is my beautiiful spiritual owl who sits upon my shoulder.[.we became acquaint during my course with Scott Alexander King] who is wanting to say...
Seriously! Your humans believe you are the wise ones?  HuH.
In the Spirit Animal Totem Cards i work with the Owl is the symbol ot Wisdom and Non Deception.
So let me just ask you this?     Who is deceiving who? 
Believe Madilta knows the answer..Don't You?

Seriously! Now Midnight and Madilta are eye-balling each other.
Mother Nature I need you!  Sort out your Children.
Thanks for listening everyone.
Be back soon...

Sunday, 9 August 2015

She Stands Alerted...

'She stands alerted..
She senses, she feels..
She drops to the ground,crouching, feet vibrating..connecting to those within the pulse of the mother earth of cultures past from long ago...great warriors,shamans,goddess all calling to her to stand within this world and teach what they may bring.
She sees without seeing, she knows.
Gateways fall away beneath and beyond her..she stands in the centre of their time within no time.
She understands..it is time.'

Through the words of great wisdom..
How can you buy and sell the sky? The warmth of the land?
If we do not own the freshess of the air and the sparkle of the water how can we buy them?
Every part of this earth is sacred to my people.
The air is precious to the red man,for all things share the same breath,the beast,the tree,the man they all share the same breath.
What is man without the beasts?
If all the beasts were gone,men would die from the great loneliness of spirit; for whatever happens to the beasts soon happens to man.
All things are connected.
Whatever befalls the earth,befalls the sons of the earth.
If men spit upon the ground,they spit upon themselves.This we know, the earth doesn't belong to man;
man belongs to the earth.
This we know,all things are connected,like the blood that unites one family.
Man didn't weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web,he does to
Where is the thicket?   Gone
Where is the eagle?     Gone 
And what is it to say goodbye to the swift pony and the hunt?
The end of living and the beginning of survival.
So if we sell you our land,love it as we have loved it, care for it as we have cared for it. Hold in your mind the memory of the land as it is when your take it.
One thing we know our God [Universe] is the same God [Universe]. 
This earth is precious to Him..Even the white man cannot be exempt from the common destiny.
We may be brothers after all.    We shall see!
      [ A shortened version of words spoken through the eyes of Chief Seattle to the Great White Chief in  Washington late 1800's on request to buy their land.]

To me these words have great truth and wisdom within them.. How can they not for to me they speak the truth..I understand about progress and the graphics of change..i just ask you this ? Would our world have been different if we had learnt to walk with them side by side,learning,understanding and accepting them as one of us united as one..I believe so for they have told me so.
When i was in South Dakota i visited Wounded Knee where one of the most [to me] horrific slaughters took place of over 350 of the Lakota Nation because they kept their sacred culture of the Sun Dance Ceremony alive against the threat from the White people of that time that they were for forbidden to do so.   Of those 350 so Lakota Nation most of that number were woman and children..yes..woman and children of innocence..just like others in this world of innocence.
I placed my hand upon the earth where the grave site was where their bodies were thrown into graves with no repect and stripped of their clothing for prizes..and i felt Mother Nature's tears,her saddness..i felt it within me she was crying for the pain we had created for a senseless act of brutality just because we didnt want to know.. and when you are standing on a hill top in the heart of this land and you hear the spiritually wailing and cries of those of the woman and children that were innocently taken.. You know something needs to change.. We do.
I'm sure if I knelt upon the ground where Cecil the majestic lion one was slaughtered for the price of a killing Mother Earth  would still be crying.. So  I say Enough,..Next time when your at the beach dig your feet within the sand and feel,lay on your back in your back yard or in the park and listen to the heart beat of Mother Nature... Listen carefully and you will hear them too.. Those of long ago saying,,Enough..When we learn to respect Mother Nature and all within her,we will learn to respect our selves and all those within her heart.

I cannot solve all in this world..But through what i believe i can heal what needs to be healed..Listen to the truth of the Voice of Mother Nature..she whispers to you on the breath of the wind..Can you hear her?  I believe silently  you can... Choose to listen if you can.

Even Midnight is saying listen to the silence within the unknow..
And Midnight Knows...
Wounded Knee Grave Site where the earth stills cries....
Will  return soon

Friday, 24 July 2015

The Natural Art of Intuition into Instinct..

Intuition... Interesting word isnt it?
Damn i should have known that..Hang On! I did know that. Should have listened to myself

For me the power of intuition's voice comes from within not from within the mind.
You feel this sense,almost a calling to follow a passion,a dream, you get excited about following it,
then this little voice creeps within your mind saying..
What! Dont be silly..you can't do that what will everyone think..Are you crazy..and on and on it goes so
you keep listening to that little voice only through the fear of it being right.
So you stop getting exited,stop following the passion of the dream and keep on walking as you are.
But still somewhere inside you are still feeling that sense,that desire to follow what is.
Yes, to follow what is, which is your beautiful,strong inner voice from within saying..
Dont listen to that little voice of doubt,of fear for you can follow your truth..you'res and  you'res
Its not easy..I know..even little Miss Medium herself here needed to start listening to her own inner voice.
One of my greatest dreams and passion was to met with a Tiger, i have always felt an infinite with these magnificent creatures..i knew i could do so at Dreamworld in the Gold Coast..my little voice kept on saying you cant afford it etc..
Then guess what happened? i call it a sign..at work i saw in the paper $70 tickets to the Gold Coast and my beautiful,strong inner voice came through and said..Just do it..Go for it!
So i listened,booked my ticket,took extra shifts at work,made an appointment to met with my dream and the moment i was standing in front of Rama i knew that dreams really do come true when we truly listen to that beautiful inner voice that says Just Go For It! without doubt nor fear.
By the way i had to wait for about 4 hours for the photos and i think people thought i was a little crazy,smilng like a cheshire cat and wanting to hug everyone in sight! Why? Because i was in a state of 
happiness of being because i just made my dream come true from listening to that voice that said
Just Go For IT!

We dont need to think about our dreams nor our passions,they are inside of us within that beautiful,
deep,inner voice that is a part of us that lives with no fear,no doubt only of truth.
I now love listening to my inner voice,she is strong,positive,has no fear,no doubts no matter what situation
she is faced with...it has taken time through spending days in silence,asking that my inner voice become stronger,letting go of all thoughts that no longer belonged to me,understanding that i may do 
things that seem crazy to others but thats all ok because she knows me,understands me and listens to me unconditionally..because she is me.

Now when that little voice creeps in my mind..this how the conversation goes..
Little Voice..You cant do that!
Inner Voice...Want a Bet! Of course i can.
Little Voice..Are you Crazy..
Inner Voice..Sure Am! 
Little Voice.. What will people think??
Inner Voice..Their thoughts. Not Mine.
So far at this stage my little voice owes me quite alot!! Always wanted a VW Convertible spray painted 
animal print!
So if you can spend time finding your innner voice,be patient with your self,dont put a time limit on your 
dreams..Hello! they are still within you..maybe you just need time to find them..ask your inner voice im sure they know what they are.
Do i still have dreams and passions to follow? Of course..some known ,some unknown but all  i know is this..she will let me know.
Rama's eyes are saying..Finallly..she's here..Purr.
And the moment you start listening to your inner voice.. thats when you instinctively know who you are.
Ok.. gotta go Midnight is seriously getting jealous of a photo!
Take care till we chat again

Monday, 13 July 2015

May I Ask You Something?

    Why cannot my world that i live within not be real and within your world too?

I may sense it,feel it and see it maybe not as you do but it is real for i believe it is,and maybe
you do too without knowing this....

   I have walked through the passing of my own father...yes, even a Medium herself is one day
faced with this...the passing over of a loved one.

 Not easy is it, I know.
Knowing that the day is approaching that the one you have loved and has loved you is nearing
leaving...the pain you feel of the pain of the loved one, the anger WHY?, the feeling of them leaving,
not beening able to touch them,see them nor talk with them again knowing it is their time to go.
    I have felt all of what those of you have felt through this..
I asked my loved ones upstairs to release my father,quietly and peacfully for he was in great pain.
They answered me and by doing so..he made no sound,he just slipped silently away.
I was not there when he left as i had booked  to fly home [Nz] on the Saturday and my father passed on the Friday...
Why? you may ask would they release my father before i could see him? because they knew my love for wanting my father to finally be free was far greater than the pain i would of felt having to see him one last time..suffering.

My father has come to me once,in a moment when i needed him, i had silent tears rolling down ,just to 
say...Its ok love.

And in that moment i knew i loved believing in what i do for they dont really leave our loved ones,they are always there.

The Native Americans call where dad has gone..The Happy Hunting Grounds..
Beautiful name isnt it or as some days i like to call it  Happy the All Blacks are Still Winning Grounds!
Can almost hear my dad smiling at this..

So you see, i may be different but in some ways just like you..and maybe,just maybe you silently
believe too.

Love you Dad Always...
I will be back soon you again soon with more of why i love my world..
Take care till we talk again

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Understanding this new world...

When i first was told of and became aware of this new world i was entering..
it wasn't just.... Hey Girl, here's your uniform and gifts.. Off you go..
I literally had to go to University..Universal University that is.

     LYNDA..ok just heard my name called out aloud,im here on my own,no-one else here..just me
Ok A-Team what's happening here?
Just spirit beings other than us calling to you saying..Hey There,need a hand..just ask and i will
guide you...
Cool! Who are they? So off to a six week course i was directed to so i could understand more of this
new world i was entering,sensing and hearing...spirit guides of past connecting to guide us,knowings within begining to arise,sensing vibrations to the unseen..reincarnation into this world from another time..so i began to understand in what was unseen in my new world but also in my real world.
Believe me it was pretty scary but exciting at the same time for me to enter this world..
HELLO.. one mintue i'm crusing along and the next minute its HELLO Spirit World Here!
But the coolest thing is now i wouldn't want my life any other way...i remember i was feeling like something was missing,siitting in my living room crying because one of my passions has always been to met with the Native American people whom i have always felt an infinitely with and without knowing why..i felt this longing inside to complete this passion of mine..then i sensed him through spirit world and smelt the smell of tabocco which is sacred to some Native culturals and without hesitation i was googling,booking,taking out a loan and on my my to South Dakota in 6 months time to one of the most amazing trips and completion of my passion..as you can see..His name is Grey Feather and my spirit father from a past life..Who needs a street map.when you have a Universal Spirit Guide map in your hands!..This is why i love my new world.  Next the A-Team decided ok lets guide her to a little more understanding of who we are..so hense of to Angel Magic diploma school on line i went..and i must say its the first time i have gone  to University
and passed with flying colours!!  So if you hear your named called out aloud,its ok its time,and if you sense that spirit being its ok,just ask...then next it was of to Mediumship school only this time it was different..it was more personal for me..so if you can wait for a few moments..universe moments that is 
i will return with more of my understandng of this beautiful new world and possibly yours..
Love LJ    
Ps..the uniform was kinda cool,wings,halo and a wrap-around toga..in white of course!! Love Lj

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Hey There,

Here i am, back again..even this Nature spirit Medium needs to work to pay the rent!

No questions so far? Thats ok..

Will explain a little further...

The way i communicate with spirit world is through the fine art of Clairaudience which means i have
 this silent radio station with my A Team friends above..[Michael,Gabriel,Ariel and Raphael] and also
with loved ones that have passed over and want to pass messages through to you oh and i can"t forget
the spirit guides who come through to guide you when needed..
so as you can see i have many channels in this silent radio station of mine..it took me awhile to learn to fine tune it, but now i am fully tuned!  Just call me LJAM!

I will be honest with you, when i first became aware of this fine art of a gift i was like

HELLO, Whats happening here?
Hearing conversation in my head with others,who are they?
Hang on? Am i going insane?

No, just the A Team calling me to tell me,guess what..you have this amazing gift you were born
with and we thought it was time to let you know..now get to work!

Kind of cool isn't it..having my own personal radio station..anytime i am unsure of a situation i just
dial up to the A Team and say HELP!
And also one of the best things with this station is seeing the relief and joy on a loved ones face when
that family member steps through and says..'Hey its ok,im fine,its beautiful up here,don't cry anymore
and just remember i may be gone physically but my love is always in your heart and by the way you forgot to feed the cat!

And shall i say from the day the A Team tuned in..my world hasnt been the same..just alot more beautiful.

ok...the A Team is calling..got to fly..excuse the pun!

Take care and stay tuned if you can


Saturday, 13 June 2015


Welcome to my blog with a difference..

Nature spirit Medium...sounds a little different doesnt it?
Well i am a little different..in ways that i see and hear beyond just this world we live in.

Let me see if i can explain a little to you..i have this amazing ability to hear through to spirit world
and those above..its like an invisiable telephone cord to upstairs,they ring by calling my name and
i answer...somedays they ring quite often and shall i say at unearthly hours! but i answer anyway.

Also i have this amazing ability of connecting through to gateways unseen to those of ancestors and
civilizations of long ago...Mayan,Aztec and many more.
Sounds a little crazy does'nt it?   But to me no more crazy than the world we live in at the moment.
I just happen to walk in two worlds, one unseen to some and the other we can touch,i am just able
to touch both worlds and i love it!

As well as all this, i am Certified Animal Dreamer Practitioner that has the amazing gift of connecting through my eyes with those of the Animal Spirit world...on doing this course with
Scott Alexander King i discovered that when an animal comes through from spirit world to guide you
i see their totem in yours eyes and a message is relayed to you..
Pretty cool isn't it!

I personally have a beautiful Tiger that guards me when needed,a wolf that guides me when needed on a path thats unclear and a raven that guides me through the void of the unknown when i am a little
unsure..and then there was Midnight a black panther who decided to wake me at 12.30am and smack
me on the nose with his paw to tell me i know!

Was supprised that Midnight didnt wake me at midnight instead if you pardon the pun!

So this explains a little of who i am...stay tuned for more if you chose as i have much more of my
beautiful,crazy world to tell you of..and by the way if you have any questions feel free to blog me back.. you never know there may just be a message out there for you.

bye for now