Saturday, 13 June 2015


Welcome to my blog with a difference..

Nature spirit Medium...sounds a little different doesnt it?
Well i am a little ways that i see and hear beyond just this world we live in.

Let me see if i can explain a little to you..i have this amazing ability to hear through to spirit world
and those above..its like an invisiable telephone cord to upstairs,they ring by calling my name and
i answer...somedays they ring quite often and shall i say at unearthly hours! but i answer anyway.

Also i have this amazing ability of connecting through to gateways unseen to those of ancestors and
civilizations of long ago...Mayan,Aztec and many more.
Sounds a little crazy does'nt it?   But to me no more crazy than the world we live in at the moment.
I just happen to walk in two worlds, one unseen to some and the other we can touch,i am just able
to touch both worlds and i love it!

As well as all this, i am Certified Animal Dreamer Practitioner that has the amazing gift of connecting through my eyes with those of the Animal Spirit world...on doing this course with
Scott Alexander King i discovered that when an animal comes through from spirit world to guide you
i see their totem in yours eyes and a message is relayed to you..
Pretty cool isn't it!

I personally have a beautiful Tiger that guards me when needed,a wolf that guides me when needed on a path thats unclear and a raven that guides me through the void of the unknown when i am a little
unsure..and then there was Midnight a black panther who decided to wake me at 12.30am and smack
me on the nose with his paw to tell me i know!

Was supprised that Midnight didnt wake me at midnight instead if you pardon the pun!

So this explains a little of who i am...stay tuned for more if you chose as i have much more of my
beautiful,crazy world to tell you of..and by the way if you have any questions feel free to blog me back.. you never know there may just be a message out there for you.

bye for now

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