Friday, 24 July 2015

The Natural Art of Intuition into Instinct..

Intuition... Interesting word isnt it?
Damn i should have known that..Hang On! I did know that. Should have listened to myself

For me the power of intuition's voice comes from within not from within the mind.
You feel this sense,almost a calling to follow a passion,a dream, you get excited about following it,
then this little voice creeps within your mind saying..
What! Dont be can't do that what will everyone think..Are you crazy..and on and on it goes so
you keep listening to that little voice only through the fear of it being right.
So you stop getting exited,stop following the passion of the dream and keep on walking as you are.
But still somewhere inside you are still feeling that sense,that desire to follow what is.
Yes, to follow what is, which is your beautiful,strong inner voice from within saying..
Dont listen to that little voice of doubt,of fear for you can follow your'res and  you'res
Its not easy..I know..even little Miss Medium herself here needed to start listening to her own inner voice.
One of my greatest dreams and passion was to met with a Tiger, i have always felt an infinite with these magnificent creatures..i knew i could do so at Dreamworld in the Gold little voice kept on saying you cant afford it etc..
Then guess what happened? i call it a work i saw in the paper $70 tickets to the Gold Coast and my beautiful,strong inner voice came through and said..Just do it..Go for it!
So i listened,booked my ticket,took extra shifts at work,made an appointment to met with my dream and the moment i was standing in front of Rama i knew that dreams really do come true when we truly listen to that beautiful inner voice that says Just Go For It! without doubt nor fear.
By the way i had to wait for about 4 hours for the photos and i think people thought i was a little crazy,smilng like a cheshire cat and wanting to hug everyone in sight! Why? Because i was in a state of 
happiness of being because i just made my dream come true from listening to that voice that said
Just Go For IT!

We dont need to think about our dreams nor our passions,they are inside of us within that beautiful,
deep,inner voice that is a part of us that lives with no fear,no doubt only of truth.
I now love listening to my inner voice,she is strong,positive,has no fear,no doubts no matter what situation
she is faced has taken time through spending days in silence,asking that my inner voice become stronger,letting go of all thoughts that no longer belonged to me,understanding that i may do 
things that seem crazy to others but thats all ok because she knows me,understands me and listens to me unconditionally..because she is me.

Now when that little voice creeps in my mind..this how the conversation goes..
Little Voice..You cant do that!
Inner Voice...Want a Bet! Of course i can.
Little Voice..Are you Crazy..
Inner Voice..Sure Am! 
Little Voice.. What will people think??
Inner Voice..Their thoughts. Not Mine.
So far at this stage my little voice owes me quite alot!! Always wanted a VW Convertible spray painted 
animal print!
So if you can spend time finding your innner voice,be patient with your self,dont put a time limit on your 
dreams..Hello! they are still within you..maybe you just need time to find them..ask your inner voice im sure they know what they are.
Do i still have dreams and passions to follow? Of course..some known ,some unknown but all  i know is this..she will let me know.
Rama's eyes are saying..Finallly..she's here..Purr.
And the moment you start listening to your inner voice.. thats when you instinctively know who you are.
Ok.. gotta go Midnight is seriously getting jealous of a photo!
Take care till we chat again

Monday, 13 July 2015

May I Ask You Something?

    Why cannot my world that i live within not be real and within your world too?

I may sense it,feel it and see it maybe not as you do but it is real for i believe it is,and maybe
you do too without knowing this....

   I have walked through the passing of my own father...yes, even a Medium herself is one day
faced with this...the passing over of a loved one.

 Not easy is it, I know.
Knowing that the day is approaching that the one you have loved and has loved you is nearing
leaving...the pain you feel of the pain of the loved one, the anger WHY?, the feeling of them leaving,
not beening able to touch them,see them nor talk with them again knowing it is their time to go.
    I have felt all of what those of you have felt through this..
I asked my loved ones upstairs to release my father,quietly and peacfully for he was in great pain.
They answered me and by doing so..he made no sound,he just slipped silently away.
I was not there when he left as i had booked  to fly home [Nz] on the Saturday and my father passed on the Friday...
Why? you may ask would they release my father before i could see him? because they knew my love for wanting my father to finally be free was far greater than the pain i would of felt having to see him one last time..suffering.

My father has come to me once,in a moment when i needed him, i had silent tears rolling down ,just to 
say...Its ok love.

And in that moment i knew i loved believing in what i do for they dont really leave our loved ones,they are always there.

The Native Americans call where dad has gone..The Happy Hunting Grounds..
Beautiful name isnt it or as some days i like to call it  Happy the All Blacks are Still Winning Grounds!
Can almost hear my dad smiling at this..

So you see, i may be different but in some ways just like you..and maybe,just maybe you silently
believe too.

Love you Dad Always...
I will be back soon you again soon with more of why i love my world..
Take care till we talk again

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Understanding this new world...

When i first was told of and became aware of this new world i was entering..
it wasn't just.... Hey Girl, here's your uniform and gifts.. Off you go..
I literally had to go to University..Universal University that is.

     LYNDA..ok just heard my name called out aloud,im here on my own,no-one else here..just me
Ok A-Team what's happening here?
Just spirit beings other than us calling to you saying..Hey There,need a hand..just ask and i will
guide you...
Cool! Who are they? So off to a six week course i was directed to so i could understand more of this
new world i was entering,sensing and hearing...spirit guides of past connecting to guide us,knowings within begining to arise,sensing vibrations to the unseen..reincarnation into this world from another i began to understand in what was unseen in my new world but also in my real world.
Believe me it was pretty scary but exciting at the same time for me to enter this world..
HELLO.. one mintue i'm crusing along and the next minute its HELLO Spirit World Here!
But the coolest thing is now i wouldn't want my life any other way...i remember i was feeling like something was missing,siitting in my living room crying because one of my passions has always been to met with the Native American people whom i have always felt an infinitely with and without knowing why..i felt this longing inside to complete this passion of mine..then i sensed him through spirit world and smelt the smell of tabocco which is sacred to some Native culturals and without hesitation i was googling,booking,taking out a loan and on my my to South Dakota in 6 months time to one of the most amazing trips and completion of my you can see..His name is Grey Feather and my spirit father from a past life..Who needs a street map.when you have a Universal Spirit Guide map in your hands!..This is why i love my new world.  Next the A-Team decided ok lets guide her to a little more understanding of who we hense of to Angel Magic diploma school on line i went..and i must say its the first time i have gone  to University
and passed with flying colours!!  So if you hear your named called out aloud,its ok its time,and if you sense that spirit being its ok,just ask...then next it was of to Mediumship school only this time it was was more personal for if you can wait for a few moments..universe moments that is 
i will return with more of my understandng of this beautiful new world and possibly yours..
Love LJ    
Ps..the uniform was kinda cool,wings,halo and a wrap-around white of course!! Love Lj