Sunday, 30 August 2015

I Understand....

I Understand...
I see your confusion,your fear,your doubt within as you sense a shift into the unknown within your 
I am here to guide and show you that through the void of this darkness and unknown there is Magic.
I ask that you trust me without fear.
Who am I? You ask.
Why ,I am the Spirit Medicine totem of the Raven.
I am Magic...Come fly with me.
The Raven is a powerful medicine totem when he enters your life...I know for i have flown with him without fear,without questioning when i needed  him through the void of an unknown i was sensing,knowing that the power of his magic would guide me and through the unknown at work something special would be taking place.
Who needs fear when you have the Spirit Medicine of the Majestic Raven flying with you..
I have learnt i dont, for there is no need to fear what we may not know only to embrace it,for that something special that is taking place may just be you.
Hang On.. you are saying..isn"t the Raven's colour black ,that of should i dare say it ,evil?
 Take a closer is not just black, it is of a shimmery blue/black that shines in the sun and glistens in the light of the night. 
Black to me is not the colour of evil, it is the colour of the answers to the unknown we seek,a connection within the soul to Great Ancestor's of long ago and to the Great Mysteries we yet may not know of.
I have seen the Raven within the eye of others i have met and i smile within knowing that within that 
person Magic is about to begin.
Have you looked in the mirror lately?
Maybe next time you do.. within your eyes the Raven may just be looking at you saying..'Are you ready? Do not be afraid..Come fly with me.
I think you might just see him....
Dont You?
OK...Seriously!  Now i have Blackie [I know..Very original name isn't it for my Raven! By the way he chose the name not me..]Matilda
 and Midnight all eye-balling each other.
Seriously you three ...Stop It. to the three of them are all eye-balling me.
Would i want my life any other way? Definitely Not!
Why? Just because..
"Fear Not..For I am Magic.

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