Sunday, 27 September 2015

Through the Eye of Goldie.

        She is my eyes as i am hers.
I guard her within them allowing her to see and understand what is appropriate for her to know as we tread lightly paw upon paw throu the Forrest of confusion.
   She is I when needing to seek the truth.
I show her the way.
She is strong,sure and careful with me walking by her side as my spirit of cunningness guides her  to the light of knowledge within the truth .
   She is vibrant,she is powerful as she follows the beat of the drums through to the pathway of Truth with the tigress spirit of me within.
   She knows the way... She hears my message.. Within the eye of the tiger the truth of the matter will be known.
   I am her as she is I. Tigress upon tigress walking silently together as one.
We may all be gone soon ... Once again because of the brutality of mankind for the killing of pleasure for our body parts for the pleasure of yours and a rug upon your floor.
It is senseless to us as it is the killing of our other brothers and sisters....So ask you this...
What would happen when we are all gone?
A great silence would fall upon the lands of the wild and tears from the heart of Mother Nature would fall silently upon them with great saddness at the finally loss of her children all through pure ignorance,greed and heartless brutality of some within mankind.
Do you want the silence to so be? I believe not.
A story for you.. Russia, time ago...20 of us hunted by the hunter,20 of us killed...20 of the hunters hunted by us, 20 hunters killed.   
I believe you call this An Eye for An Eye and A Tooth For a Tooth. This may be so.
So next time you visit a zoo or a page within a for me..look me within the eye and ask..
    "Will you bless me with the eye of the Tiger?" I may just answer..."You already Are".


      As I Already Am
               Love LJ 

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