Sunday, 10 April 2016

Angel of Adoption.

Let's sit quietly for a moment while I tell you a little more of this Earth Angel's story...
  For nine days young I was alone,so little,so needing,so wanting..
Then they came...Who? You ask? 
My Parents, to take me home.
And from that moment I became a Love Child.. A Love Child adopted into the arms of love.
Yes.. Adopted.
Interesting word,isn't the dictionary it is defined as "acquired as your own by free choice "
Yes,as your own child..nothing more nor nothing less..just yours, to be there for,to nurture,to teach and to love straight from the heart.
I was told when I was young that I was young? young enough.
I will be honest..did it effect me? no..I was too young to understand, i was just a child and happy.
      I was bullied by words at  a tender age..."Illegamite Barstard" was the main one.
Such cruel words to come from the mouth of another one of such tender age without any understanding.
  They say children will be children.
As I grew,so did my Inner Child..she no longer questioned nor wondered  who she came from only where she was.. within the arms of Love.
   Have I met my Biological Mother? Yes.. How? You ask..
Through the guiding hands of my A Team above..Two close work friends enjoying lunch,talking of their lives,their families,of their children..dates,years ,places and then suddenly a look of bewilderment upon their faces..'The daughter you adopted is my sister's child whom she gave up'..then the tears came.
Amazing isn't.. how sometimes life takes an unexpected turn out of the blue.
  Am I still in contact with my Biological Mother you ask? ..No,only through my choice and my choice alone. Why? You may ask..Lets leave that one private.
  What of your Biological Father? It still remains a mystery. And that's ok. Now.
Sometimes it has not been easy to walk this path of Adoption,in moments as we all have within families,you can feel so alone,so different,so questioning WHY..then it's ok again and that moment has passed.
  All I say is this..for me it is sometimes not the blood relation  running through the veins of a family that truely matters but the " Unconditional Love" beating through the heart and veins of a family that does.  
    After all they do say 'Love is the Holiest Power in The Universe" 
Who says that you ask,  Why the A Team of course!
   Angel of Adoption...that's me. 
 By the way.. I just thought of another TV series on my life.. You guessed it!  'LOVE CHILD'.
         Will return soon
     Love LJ 


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Take a closer look if you may..

What can you see?
           A Tiger?
An Angel?
     Ancestors of long ago?..
Maybe there is proof of my world after all.
                                                    Photo taken by EarthPawAngel
                                                                               Love LJ