Sunday, 10 April 2016

Angel of Adoption.

Let's sit quietly for a moment while I tell you a little more of this Earth Angel's story...
  For nine days young I was alone,so little,so needing,so wanting..
Then they came...Who? You ask? 
My Parents, to take me home.
And from that moment I became a Love Child.. A Love Child adopted into the arms of love.
Yes.. Adopted.
Interesting word,isn't the dictionary it is defined as "acquired as your own by free choice "
Yes,as your own child..nothing more nor nothing less..just yours, to be there for,to nurture,to teach and to love straight from the heart.
I was told when I was young that I was young? young enough.
I will be honest..did it effect me? no..I was too young to understand, i was just a child and happy.
      I was bullied by words at  a tender age..."Illegamite Barstard" was the main one.
Such cruel words to come from the mouth of another one of such tender age without any understanding.
  They say children will be children.
As I grew,so did my Inner Child..she no longer questioned nor wondered  who she came from only where she was.. within the arms of Love.
   Have I met my Biological Mother? Yes.. How? You ask..
Through the guiding hands of my A Team above..Two close work friends enjoying lunch,talking of their lives,their families,of their children..dates,years ,places and then suddenly a look of bewilderment upon their faces..'The daughter you adopted is my sister's child whom she gave up'..then the tears came.
Amazing isn't.. how sometimes life takes an unexpected turn out of the blue.
  Am I still in contact with my Biological Mother you ask? ..No,only through my choice and my choice alone. Why? You may ask..Lets leave that one private.
  What of your Biological Father? It still remains a mystery. And that's ok. Now.
Sometimes it has not been easy to walk this path of Adoption,in moments as we all have within families,you can feel so alone,so different,so questioning WHY..then it's ok again and that moment has passed.
  All I say is this..for me it is sometimes not the blood relation  running through the veins of a family that truely matters but the " Unconditional Love" beating through the heart and veins of a family that does.  
    After all they do say 'Love is the Holiest Power in The Universe" 
Who says that you ask,  Why the A Team of course!
   Angel of Adoption...that's me. 
 By the way.. I just thought of another TV series on my life.. You guessed it!  'LOVE CHILD'.
         Will return soon
     Love LJ 


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Take a closer look if you may..

What can you see?
           A Tiger?
An Angel?
     Ancestors of long ago?..
Maybe there is proof of my world after all.
                                                    Photo taken by EarthPawAngel
                                                                               Love LJ

Monday, 15 February 2016

Lights! Action! Universe!

Wouldn't  it be..if we viewed our life so far as Movies or TV Shows,
Here is a glimpse into mine so far..
      "Born Free".. Right from the start!
"The Young and The Restless" ..for a few years anyway!
"Beauty and The Beast".. The beauty within..pitted against the beasts of society,fear,judgement,ignorance and so forth.
     "Different Strokes".. Kind of had a feeling I walked to a different beat.
"The Sixth Sense".. Knew it! I was different.
   " Touched by An Angel".. Certainly I walk within the "City of Angels" everyday.
"Medium".. Discovered that one!
    "Practical Magic".. Everyday in my World.
"The Bachelorette ".. Still am! Though you never know.. "The Love Boat" could be heading my way soon!
      "Dr Dolittle"... Well, actually..Miss Dolittle that is, the one that talks with the animals!
    And at the moment,it is "I Am An Earth Angel Get Me Out Of Here!..No..Seriously! This girl has had her wings tucked away for too long and she has a whole lot of light working to be done!
     So..go on, give it a may just be surprised at what your Tv Shows and Movies maybe.
I have many more Tv and Movies to go yet..and I've got a feeling one them is The Never Ending Story!
           After all.. Isn't the Universe never ending..I believe so.

 OK.. Silver Paws Eyeballing! Me,that is.
Silver Paws is my beautiful Grey Wolf in spirit that comes to me when I am at a time of need of a teaching and understanding to the answer of a knowing I have,within my own personal intuition and truth,within that of a current situation I have needed to walk through.
  And with Silver Paws by my side..the path will always be alight. No Matter What.
Who needs a street light..when you have Silver Paws!
      Need a Silver Paws for a while?..Just ask. I'm sure when you feel that brush against your leg you will know that the path you seek is about to be lit.
  Hey.. Just thought of another movie.." Pathfinder "!
       Ok... Eyeballing stopped. That's a relief.. I was starting to get blinded by the light!
              I know. Enough with the puns.
                      Till the next blog..
                                   Love LJ
And just remember Lights! Action! Universe! 

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Raw Crystal Light.

Ok... I'm back!  Sorry I took so long... You know with Christmas and the New Year and trying to round up the rest of the Troops and a couple of new ones tagging along full of Christmas Spirit..well as you can image things were pretty hectic need I say!
     Raw Crystals.. Beautiful aren't know the ones that have come straight from within the ground of the heart of Mother Nature full of knowledge  and great healing powers.
When you are feeling the sense and need for one they even call to you..
No,Seriously they do! Well,through the voice essence of the crystal within they do!
I saw them,they were beautiful,raw crystal necklaces with Quartz crystals originating from South America...
Which one? I asked myself,they are all so beautiful..
Lynda..I heard. My eyes scanned over them..Lynda,this one  and my eyes fell upon the one that had chosen me. And it became mine.
It is strong,of male energy( yes even crystals have male and female origins!) and has the warrior strengh,wisdom and protection of ancestors of long ago and when i am sensing the need I wear it.
How does it work you ask? It just does. 
It's like having your own bodyguard,your own spirit teacher, your own guidance guru and  your own personal endless history tablet of the past all in one. 
Two others have called to me..both with different strengths,light and knowledge( one even found me at an opportunity shop!)
Raw crystals have been in the heart of Mother Nature for centuries,many footprints of knowledge have been stored within the light of these crystals and maybe they are just waiting to pass their footprints to us.
So next time you may be in a Crystal shop,sensing,needing don't be surprised if suddenly you hear,
Hey,over here,here I am,I am the one your looking for!

      Seriously! You are eyeballing me!..ok, got to troop eyeballing!
Who is the new one you ask?  Why..his name is Silver Paws..
   What animal is he?  Stay tuned.
Oh, just one more thing, have you heard and noticed lately,that rare whites have been emerging?
    Looks like the prophecy is happening..Just saying!

Will return soon and promise it won't be so long!
Love LJ

Sunday, 3 January 2016

For the Love of a Mother wanting to Know.

      She is there...
             Your little girl...
  She blows kisses on your cheek every morning...
She is holding out to you a beautiful pink butterfly with the name Zoey upon it and says..
           "I still love pink mummy"
  This is a special time for her.
                               Love LJ

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Just One More Thing..

   In 1994,on a ranch in Janesville,a single pure white buffalo calf was born.
         They named Miracle.

   The Prophecy had begun.

Monday, 23 November 2015

White Light Buffalo

Within the vision of White..she stood before them,
A vision of the deepest and purest beauty neither had seen before.
  One brave looked upon her within his eyes with wonder and awe,"she must be a sacred one,a messenger from the Great Spirit, the other looked upon her with lust within his.
She beckened to the Brave with the lustfull eyes,he moved smugly towards her..he reached her..
a great billiowing of dust blew up and enveloped around them both.
When the dust settled after only moments,left lying at her feet was only the bow and quivering arrows of the Brave that stood before her.
In a voice of the softest whipser,she spoke to the Brave left..".that should a man look at a woman and see only her external beauty,he would never know her inner spirit,her divine self,for his eyes are blind and dazed with lust,but should he look at her and see a woman of beauty,that prompts him to wonder in awe at her,this man would be promised such extradinary pleasures that include and extend beyond the physical.  By living his life by taking and never giving he had forgotten not only the Great Spirit by also his own".
            Who is she? you ask...
                     White Buffalo Calf Woman.
      The Mother of the Old Ones
                    The Teacher of Truth and Wisdom and the beautiful Legend of the Oglala Nation.
Why am i telling you a little of her legend? Because the Sacred White Ones are being born,and more will be,not those of human descent but those within the animal kingdom.
        Go more of White Buffalo Calf Woman's words of great wisdom and truth
    for she is returning..How do I know this? I just do.
White Sacred One paw upon paw,foot upon foot.
        Let the Scared White prayers of the Buffalo begin.

Oh..where have I been? Trying to round up the troops,but some seem to still be missing..
Seriously? Do some of you still need to be Lazer Eyeballed?
  Till next blog..
Love LJ