Sunday, 3 January 2016

For the Love of a Mother wanting to Know.

      She is there...
             Your little girl...
  She blows kisses on your cheek every morning...
She is holding out to you a beautiful pink butterfly with the name Zoey upon it and says..
           "I still love pink mummy"
  This is a special time for her.
                               Love LJ

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Just One More Thing..

   In 1994,on a ranch in Janesville,a single pure white buffalo calf was born.
         They named Miracle.

   The Prophecy had begun.

Monday, 23 November 2015

White Light Buffalo

Within the vision of White..she stood before them,
A vision of the deepest and purest beauty neither had seen before.
  One brave looked upon her within his eyes with wonder and awe,"she must be a sacred one,a messenger from the Great Spirit, the other looked upon her with lust within his.
She beckened to the Brave with the lustfull eyes,he moved smugly towards her..he reached her..
a great billiowing of dust blew up and enveloped around them both.
When the dust settled after only moments,left lying at her feet was only the bow and quivering arrows of the Brave that stood before her.
In a voice of the softest whipser,she spoke to the Brave left..".that should a man look at a woman and see only her external beauty,he would never know her inner spirit,her divine self,for his eyes are blind and dazed with lust,but should he look at her and see a woman of beauty,that prompts him to wonder in awe at her,this man would be promised such extradinary pleasures that include and extend beyond the physical.  By living his life by taking and never giving he had forgotten not only the Great Spirit by also his own".
            Who is she? you ask...
                     White Buffalo Calf Woman.
      The Mother of the Old Ones
                    The Teacher of Truth and Wisdom and the beautiful Legend of the Oglala Nation.
Why am i telling you a little of her legend? Because the Sacred White Ones are being born,and more will be,not those of human descent but those within the animal kingdom.
        Go more of White Buffalo Calf Woman's words of great wisdom and truth
    for she is returning..How do I know this? I just do.
White Sacred One paw upon paw,foot upon foot.
        Let the Scared White prayers of the Buffalo begin.

Oh..where have I been? Trying to round up the troops,but some seem to still be missing..
Seriously? Do some of you still need to be Lazer Eyeballed?
  Till next blog..
Love LJ                           

Friday, 20 November 2015

Eyeballing Matilda Says..

  Still dare not to believe? Do you?
Right.. Time to send in the troops..
Let LaserEyeBall begin!
     "Settle Matilda"..
Ok.. LaserEyeBall shall I just similar to PaintBall but with spirit laser eyes directed at you not a paint gun!
  Oh no.. The troops have all just arrived,four-legged and winged! 
  Sorry every one.. Your about to be lasered..
What,you don't want to be lasered?
Then I dare you just to believe,others do so why not you?
                                             Believe,it might just be worth it.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Heaven Sent.

   She smiled.
She sensed and knew it was going to be a special day for someone.
She was here she could sense her waiting patiently in spirit..
She asked which one? She whispered This One!..She lent over and picked the single flower smiling as she did so.
She walked up to the young girl and smiling said.. "This is for you.. It is from your GrandMother and she gives it to you with all her love and she is saying I am here with your dog.
The young one knew and smiled. Why?
She got her dog after her Grandmother passed away and the flower? The same as her Grandmothers in her garden.

 She asked..My husband had a pet-name for me what was it?
She sat there silently..she asked..he gave no answer..she asked answer.
I'm so sorry she said..I have asked but your husband remains silent.i can not give you the name.
She smiled and knew..It was her husband..why? Because the pet-name was for their ears and their ears alone..he would not have told her.

Out,relaxing a glass in hand..she looked at me with a longing and question in her eyes..she knew a little of me..she just wanted to know..She spoke...I answered.."you smell her every morning and she is here".. I moved to her and wrapped my arms around her  her Grandmother with me full of love and in that moment she knew..with tears in her eyes,she just knew it is real..Why?
Because no one else but another knew she sprayed her Grandmothers perfume every morning remembering.
Just like this..anywhere..anytime..any place it just happens. A loved one steps in and sometimes it is just one simple thing I say.. and they know they are always there.
   It's as simple as this..A connection between two worlds bringing joy to the hearts of loved ones.
Just call me..Ok! family member here! Time for Miss Medium Love Messenger to deliver! (Almost sounds like a super hero name!) Hang on! just call me SuperSpiritGirl!
Maybe there is becoming a greater need for this precious gift I have more than ever at the moment..For two worlds that come together and bring great peace,joy,love and healing..or is it just one world United.
Reveal who was eyeballing? Why.. Matilda of course! 
At you.
Why?  Stay tuned.
Love LJ

Friday, 6 November 2015

Truth or Dare?

I dare you to believe without seeing the truth within my words.....
      And the Truth? They are my words within my truth.

Monday, 26 October 2015

It's Not know.

Writing words within this blog...I can almost hear some saying..Ok..Crazy Lady!
No..not crazy..just have amazing knowledge of world's  unseen and a beautiful gift I love sharing.
When I started this blog it wasn't about being recognised or being successful or dare I say it..on the Ellen Degrenes Show! it's about me wanting to share with those that have a desire and yearning to learn more...It is spirit angels as I see them..ArchAngel  Michael..Native American looking with flowing black hair,bow and arrow with wings attached. ArchAngel hair and an almost Irish sense of humour and the greatest healer I know..Gateways I sense and see and more.
What I believe in and have silent faith with has brought me through so many moments of adversity that I can't count them..nor want to.. some say the universe doesn't throw any thing to us that they don't believe we can't handle.. If that is the case then I have been through every storm,hurricane,tornado they hailed me with and have learnt not to say to them Bring It On! because believe me they did! And I more than survived I'm still standing stronger and taller than ever.

If you met would would sense and see within the truth that I speak for I would show you as I have shown others that there really is more to life than just us.
  Life is almost like a Toy never know which  adventure you are going to get next..
Which adventure will you have next? It may just be LJs Spiritual Way!
  So I will keep on Blog-plodding along.. telling of what I know and maybe when feet start vibrating,Ravens appear in eyes and GOLDIE eyeballs through a page some may say...
    Ok! Maybe she's not so crazy after all.
Ok..Time to go..Eyeballing happening again!
Who's arrived you ask? Will reveal in the next blog.
     Stay safe 
Love Lj

(This a photo of a drawing by someone I met years ago who knew nothing of my gift and how he saw me..He saw..he knew without knowing..He believed.)