Saturday, 20 June 2015

Hey There,

Here i am, back again..even this Nature spirit Medium needs to work to pay the rent!

No questions so far? Thats ok..

Will explain a little further...

The way i communicate with spirit world is through the fine art of Clairaudience which means i have
 this silent radio station with my A Team friends above..[Michael,Gabriel,Ariel and Raphael] and also
with loved ones that have passed over and want to pass messages through to you oh and i can"t forget
the spirit guides who come through to guide you when needed..
so as you can see i have many channels in this silent radio station of took me awhile to learn to fine tune it, but now i am fully tuned!  Just call me LJAM!

I will be honest with you, when i first became aware of this fine art of a gift i was like

HELLO, Whats happening here?
Hearing conversation in my head with others,who are they?
Hang on? Am i going insane?

No, just the A Team calling me to tell me,guess have this amazing gift you were born
with and we thought it was time to let you get to work!

Kind of cool isn't it..having my own personal radio station..anytime i am unsure of a situation i just
dial up to the A Team and say HELP!
And also one of the best things with this station is seeing the relief and joy on a loved ones face when
that family member steps through and says..'Hey its ok,im fine,its beautiful up here,don't cry anymore
and just remember i may be gone physically but my love is always in your heart and by the way you forgot to feed the cat!

And shall i say from the day the A Team tuned world hasnt been the same..just alot more beautiful.

ok...the A Team is to fly..excuse the pun!

Take care and stay tuned if you can


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