Sunday, 16 August 2015


With The Eye Of This Elephant There Is A Story to Be Told....

'I saw them,  they killed my mother..
I am just a baby...
     I needed her, loved her, depended on her.

You did not see it.
They took no mercy in butching her for her tusks..
Was the value of her tusks worth more than the value of her life?
               I Guess So.
I miss her......
     Would you not miss your mother too if they butchered her for the value of her finger nails rather
 than her life...

I will not forget her.....How can I not...for you see an elephant never forgets no matter how little they
     Can you forget?
          I Thought so.....
That is why i am without a mother..just because they wanted a carving.
As you can see all of Mother Natures Creatures has a story to be told..
Heart wrenching isn't know that what some of us are so readily wanting to destroy for the price of a carving..has a heart,has a soul and most of all the right to live.Just as we all do.
If Mother Nature had a voice right now.. she would be her slightly Southern Belle Accent..
"Universally Me..When are these folks gonna realize that these are my Goddess given creations born upon this earth just as they live,be free and wild at heart. Looks like i'm gonna have to find myself some Wild Life Warriors or Goddess to protect them. Lorde Me..when will these folks learn.

Hey Mother Nature..Here I Am! Yours Truely..Miss Lara Croft Wild Life Warrior Goddess Defender of those that have no voice but through their eyes i will speak for them. [That was a bit of a mouth full but worth it!]
Ok..we all know i'm not exactly Lara Croft..Hello! But if through the power of my words with what i wrote within the eye of this photo..can touch within you,your own Lara Croft,G.I.Joe, or even "hell,i will not let this happen to no baby elephant again,no sir reee' voice...then i will love you for it as i am sure 
Mother Nature will too..and i just heard her say 'Love me as I love ye all."
Ok.. Settle Madilta! ...She is my beautiiful spiritual owl who sits upon my shoulder.[.we became acquaint during my course with Scott Alexander King] who is wanting to say...
Seriously! Your humans believe you are the wise ones?  HuH.
In the Spirit Animal Totem Cards i work with the Owl is the symbol ot Wisdom and Non Deception.
So let me just ask you this?     Who is deceiving who? 
Believe Madilta knows the answer..Don't You?

Seriously! Now Midnight and Madilta are eye-balling each other.
Mother Nature I need you!  Sort out your Children.
Thanks for listening everyone.
Be back soon...

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