Monday, 26 October 2015

It's Not know.

Writing words within this blog...I can almost hear some saying..Ok..Crazy Lady!
No..not crazy..just have amazing knowledge of world's  unseen and a beautiful gift I love sharing.
When I started this blog it wasn't about being recognised or being successful or dare I say it..on the Ellen Degrenes Show! it's about me wanting to share with those that have a desire and yearning to learn more...It is spirit angels as I see them..ArchAngel  Michael..Native American looking with flowing black hair,bow and arrow with wings attached. ArchAngel hair and an almost Irish sense of humour and the greatest healer I know..Gateways I sense and see and more.
What I believe in and have silent faith with has brought me through so many moments of adversity that I can't count them..nor want to.. some say the universe doesn't throw any thing to us that they don't believe we can't handle.. If that is the case then I have been through every storm,hurricane,tornado they hailed me with and have learnt not to say to them Bring It On! because believe me they did! And I more than survived I'm still standing stronger and taller than ever.

If you met would would sense and see within the truth that I speak for I would show you as I have shown others that there really is more to life than just us.
  Life is almost like a Toy never know which  adventure you are going to get next..
Which adventure will you have next? It may just be LJs Spiritual Way!
  So I will keep on Blog-plodding along.. telling of what I know and maybe when feet start vibrating,Ravens appear in eyes and GOLDIE eyeballs through a page some may say...
    Ok! Maybe she's not so crazy after all.
Ok..Time to go..Eyeballing happening again!
Who's arrived you ask? Will reveal in the next blog.
     Stay safe 
Love Lj

(This a photo of a drawing by someone I met years ago who knew nothing of my gift and how he saw me..He saw..he knew without knowing..He believed.)


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