Monday, 13 July 2015

May I Ask You Something?

    Why cannot my world that i live within not be real and within your world too?

I may sense it,feel it and see it maybe not as you do but it is real for i believe it is,and maybe
you do too without knowing this....

   I have walked through the passing of my own father...yes, even a Medium herself is one day
faced with this...the passing over of a loved one.

 Not easy is it, I know.
Knowing that the day is approaching that the one you have loved and has loved you is nearing
leaving...the pain you feel of the pain of the loved one, the anger WHY?, the feeling of them leaving,
not beening able to touch them,see them nor talk with them again knowing it is their time to go.
    I have felt all of what those of you have felt through this..
I asked my loved ones upstairs to release my father,quietly and peacfully for he was in great pain.
They answered me and by doing so..he made no sound,he just slipped silently away.
I was not there when he left as i had booked  to fly home [Nz] on the Saturday and my father passed on the Friday...
Why? you may ask would they release my father before i could see him? because they knew my love for wanting my father to finally be free was far greater than the pain i would of felt having to see him one last time..suffering.

My father has come to me once,in a moment when i needed him, i had silent tears rolling down ,just to 
say...Its ok love.

And in that moment i knew i loved believing in what i do for they dont really leave our loved ones,they are always there.

The Native Americans call where dad has gone..The Happy Hunting Grounds..
Beautiful name isnt it or as some days i like to call it  Happy the All Blacks are Still Winning Grounds!
Can almost hear my dad smiling at this..

So you see, i may be different but in some ways just like you..and maybe,just maybe you silently
believe too.

Love you Dad Always...
I will be back soon you again soon with more of why i love my world..
Take care till we talk again

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