Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My World? Just because..

I was born to walk in this way.
To connect, to feel, to sense, to understand, to know,see and hear within the heart of another world.
Or is it another world? Or a world that truely is.
 Has it not been around for centuries and civilisations of long ago?
The Olmec's,Mayan,Inca's and Aztec all believed in the powers of the unseen with a enduring belief within it.
Sky god.. Totem The Jaguar. Shamans..spirit warriors with the ability to converse with spirit world enhanced by their spirit helpers,and Animal spirit totems especially that of the Jaguar.Magic.Supernatual Begins all of which is believed in within this nature spirit meduim of today.Me.
They were also known as the People of the Jaguar.
        'Sacred Jaguar teach me...
     To wear my power lightly,
To walk with impeccability,
  To approach life with compassion,
 And to live up to the integrity of my human potential.
                            The Medicine Message of The Jaguar Totem.

So as you may see maybe my world isn't so new after all..that what i believe in has been around for centuries and civilisations of long ago, maybe just all the knowing of this was lost through the society history of time..and forgotten..Till the Gate Ways opened.

As you ask.. but did they not do human  sacrifice? If this was so..It was through the degenerated distortion of the true teachings of The Jaguar that the priests foolishly began human sacrifice to try to reclaim the golden days of an empire that was once a Golden era of great spiritual understanding but was lost through their [the priests]own foolishness and missuse of the authentic power of The Jaguar all in the name of greed.

So i ask you this...is human sacrifice still not taking place in the world today through the same distortion of beliefs through the degeneration of others?
It may be so.

So if you feel your feet start to vibrate and you slowly drop to the ground and sense a Gateway opening..Dont be afraid to open..it may just be an ancestor of long ago of an Golden era calling to you saying 'The Jaguar is here..let the rebirth of an era begin.It is time.
I did..without fear and a new era began with the Jaguar walking beside me.
Will you walk with the Jaguar?  I believe some of you may just do that. Don't You?

GOLDIE! Settle...Who's Goldie?..she is as i have mentioned before,my beautiful spiritual tigress that protects my female side and walks beside me guarding me  when needed..she is wanting to speak with you from within the eye of her..so..
Sorry everyone..i will need to continue what Goldie has to say in the next blog..Blackie,Matida and Midnight have all just shown up and we all know what is about to happen don't we?!
Seriously..how do i cope with these guys?..By loving every spiritual ounce of them!
Gotta Go.
Will return soon.

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