Monday, 15 February 2016

Lights! Action! Universe!

Wouldn't  it be..if we viewed our life so far as Movies or TV Shows,
Here is a glimpse into mine so far..
      "Born Free".. Right from the start!
"The Young and The Restless" ..for a few years anyway!
"Beauty and The Beast".. The beauty within..pitted against the beasts of society,fear,judgement,ignorance and so forth.
     "Different Strokes".. Kind of had a feeling I walked to a different beat.
"The Sixth Sense".. Knew it! I was different.
   " Touched by An Angel".. Certainly I walk within the "City of Angels" everyday.
"Medium".. Discovered that one!
    "Practical Magic".. Everyday in my World.
"The Bachelorette ".. Still am! Though you never know.. "The Love Boat" could be heading my way soon!
      "Dr Dolittle"... Well, actually..Miss Dolittle that is, the one that talks with the animals!
    And at the moment,it is "I Am An Earth Angel Get Me Out Of Here!..No..Seriously! This girl has had her wings tucked away for too long and she has a whole lot of light working to be done!
     So..go on, give it a may just be surprised at what your Tv Shows and Movies maybe.
I have many more Tv and Movies to go yet..and I've got a feeling one them is The Never Ending Story!
           After all.. Isn't the Universe never ending..I believe so.

 OK.. Silver Paws Eyeballing! Me,that is.
Silver Paws is my beautiful Grey Wolf in spirit that comes to me when I am at a time of need of a teaching and understanding to the answer of a knowing I have,within my own personal intuition and truth,within that of a current situation I have needed to walk through.
  And with Silver Paws by my side..the path will always be alight. No Matter What.
Who needs a street light..when you have Silver Paws!
      Need a Silver Paws for a while?..Just ask. I'm sure when you feel that brush against your leg you will know that the path you seek is about to be lit.
  Hey.. Just thought of another movie.." Pathfinder "!
       Ok... Eyeballing stopped. That's a relief.. I was starting to get blinded by the light!
              I know. Enough with the puns.
                      Till the next blog..
                                   Love LJ
And just remember Lights! Action! Universe! 

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