Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Spiritual TailEnd Completed

Hello There,
I know.. been quite awhile hasn't it?
But I am back now..the Tail End of the spiritual emergency has been completed.
I have come full circle.
I am stronger,wiser and now completely living within who I am.
What happened within my spiritual emergency you ask?..I hit rock bottom.Physically,Mentally and Emotionally...What about Spiritually? you ask?
No.. not spiritually.
My spiritualism comes from great strength from the inside not just the outside.. let's just say I had become a little off-line.
I was let go from my job,left a home I had known for 17 years, moved to another State and had very little in my bank account.
Why did this happen to you? You ask.. aren't you spiritual.. this doesn't happen to you..
Oh yes it does and it needed to..for me to be free..
free from the confines of society, free from the toxicins 
of others that had bulit up over the years, free to believe in my beliefs without judgement and walk tall within them.
Now I walk within the freedom of who I am and I am back on line.
Why did this need to happen?.... you ask
Because there is an unseen world event taking place and it will rock nations and people to their core, literally.
Feet will start vibrating,hearts will start pulsating,headaches will come upon minds and spiritual gateways will begin to open for the Universe has had enough.
We have lived  for too long with bitterness, hatred and the greed of power and this is all about to change.
And it is then that ones as myself will be seeked  out by those wanting to understand, wanting to be shown and wanting to know as I do.
And I will be here waiting to show you.
So be prepared, it is all about to happen soon..
Don't be afraid.. it is time.
Oh.. and one more thing.. the Eyeballing is about to return.. Isn't that right Silver?
Who is Silver?... Stay tuned.. and all will be revealed.
Love LJ

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